Welcome to Dewey Plants!

My love for houseplants started with a cactus.

A cactus named Greg.

The year was 2017, my best friend was graduating from college in Michigan and I drove 9 hours to be there for her graduation. Her parents brought me a gift – Greg – and that transpired my houseplants hobby. Now I have over 30 houseplants and this is a space to document them and house their care tips and tricks.

Greg the Cactus

These grow best with bright light and high humidity, avoid mid-day direct sun. 

These grow best in humid + warm environments.

It prefers partial sun. 

Can withstand low light, but prefers medium- indirect light. Consistent water schedule is the key. 

These prefer bright direct light in the morning, and indirect light in the afternoon, east or south facing is their favorite. They like to dry out completely before getting more water. 

True or False

Plants react to sound.


Research has found that plants grow better when exposed to sound, and when in nature they can find water sources by sensing vibrations in the soil.
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